Don’t Call it a Comeback

What’s a former couch potato, turned runner, turned couch potato again, to do when nothing seems to be motiving her to get up off the couch and start running? Sign up for a marathon of course! But not just sign up, start telling everyone you know that you’re running a marathon. Because it’s a lot easier to back out quietly, albeit $185 poorer, when just you and your wallet know you’re signed up. So here I am announcing it to the world (or more accurately, just my husband who knows about the blog) – I’m running the Chicago Marathon in October! I’ve run 2 half-marathons, 1 marathon and a couple 5k-5 milers in the past, but am just starting to run again after having our 2nd daughter. While I worked out throughout my 2nd pregnancy I wasn’t able to run, and vowed I would be back to running as soon as I got cleared to do so. Well, it turns out wanting to run is a lot easier for me when I can’t actually do it. My triumphant return to running was more of a slog around our neighborhood. Disappointed with how hard it was, fatigue from having a newborn, record amounts of snow, blah blah blah, I found countless excuses to keep from running. I wanted to find that motivation somewhere so, still on the endorphin high of having just cheered my husband (and 29,000 others) on as they completed the Boston Marathon, I threw my name in for the Chicago Marathon lottery. Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 12.40.58 PM Winner winner, chicken dinner! Call it couch to 26.2, a kick in the pants,  or a recipe for disaster – just don’t call it a comeback. 😉


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