Chicago Marathon: Base Building Week 5

This week’s recap will be short, because there was not much running done. A sick baby, a visit from my mom, and a preschool graduation and family birthday party for our almost 5 year old meant running got pushed to my lowest priority. In reality I certainly could have fit more runs in to my schedule – we have a treadmill and my mom was staying with us – but family time trumped running and hopefully one off week won’t come back to bite me.

Monday: off

Tuesday: 3 miles @9:28 pace – Outside run and the summer heat has started (85 degrees). I’m definitely not used to the heat yet and it felt like a lot of effort today.

Wednesday: off

Thursday: off

Friday: off

Saturday: 4.2 miles @10:38 pace – My husband ran with me (yay!) so we ran through some trails that are part of one of his favorite routes. Hot and muggy, but the company was great

Sunday: off

Weekly total: 7.2 miles

Not a great week for running to say the least, BUT I got to take my preschooler out for a special lunch to celebrate her last day of school, teared up proudly when she performed at her preschool celebration, our little one was back to her happy and snuggly self by the end of the week, and we had an awesome space-themed birthday that included this amazing, and delicious, cake!


This cake has nothing to do with running, but it was awesome – and my running was not – so let’s focus on this instead for the week.


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