Chicago Marathon: Base Building Week 6

After last week’s hiatus from running, I was worried that this week was heading in the same direction. I’m very much a creature of habit so when I am in the habit of running it’s easy for me to keep up with my training, but on the flip side, once I get out of the habit of running it’s even easier for me to stay that way. By the end of the week I had forced myself off the couch and back on to the treadmill. Hurrah!

Monday: 3.2 miles @9:25 pace

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: off

Thursday: 5 miles @8:59 pace – Progression run. My legs felt heavy to start which wasn’t a surprise given my lack of running. I felt good otherwise so I decided to pick up the pace with each mile. Splits: 9:30, 9:22, 9:15, 8:35, 8:14

Friday: 4 miles @8:58 pace – Treadmill. I finished the Serial podcast on Monday so I downloaded a few podcasts by Another Mother Runner. I find that podcasts help me pass the treadmill time better than music on non-speed work days. The AMR podcasts are some of my favorites and I was excited to see how many marathon focused ones have been added since I last listened. I’ve been trying to pick up my week day paces a little in hopes of my long slow run pace feeling more comfortable. Splits: 9:41, 8:41, 8:34, 9:05

Saturday: 6.1 miles @9:36 pace – A total change in weather from last weekend’s run! Today was cool and overcast – perfect running weather for me. I promised myself I wouldn’t let myself look at my GPS and would keep the pace feeling as effortless as running can ever feel. The AMR podcast I listened to talked to Jonna Bass Parr who is training for the New York Marathon. She talked about running “low and slow” – keeping your heart rate low and your pace slow – and I kept that in mind while I ran. It was awesome to finish a run feeling great. 

Sunday: off

Weekly total: 18.3 miles

This week capped my base building before I start following a training plan for Chicago. I’m a total data junkie so I love filling out my excel sheet with my runs for the cycle, and do better when I follow along a plan vs. just winging it. Which means I need to decide on my training plan!


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