Chicago Marathon: Training Week 10

Coming off a 15 mile long run from the weekend, my legs were SORE. It felt like I had just done a hard boot camp class instead of just running on relatively flat roads. Fitting strength training into my routine hasn’t been a priority and I can feel the difference without it. Now that I’ve gotten so far out of the habit I’ve been hesitant to add it back in, because I’m worried that my legs will feel too tired to complete the mileage I have planned. Ridiculous I know since I don’t have to go crazy with weight or reps, but it’s what I tell myself after a run when I’m tired and just want to be done. So no cross-training this week, but overall I’m happy with my mileage.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 12.36.29 PM

Monday: off

Tuesday: 5 miles @9:36 pace – Treadmill run. My legs were still tired from my long run and I could feel it. 

Wednesday: 7 miles @9:38 pace – Treadmill run. I had 8 miles, or so I thought, scheduled for today and my goal was 1M w/u, 5 miles @9:00 pace and 2M c/d. Well 5 miles into the run I started feeling awful. Tired, heavy legs, and slightly nauseous. I hopped off for a minute to turn a fan on, motivated mostly by a strong desire to just.stop.running and slowed the pace way back for the remainder of the run. It still felt awful so I called it a day after 7 miles. Aggravated and disappointed with how hard it was, I didn’t log my run in my training plan until after my next run. Well surprise, surprise, I was supposed to run only 7 miles that day and 4 the day before. Vindication! Obviously the extra mile the day before had done me in and my body must have known it only needed 7 that day 😉

Thursday: 5 miles @9:50 pace – Treadmill run. Better than the day before, but still not great. I’m a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan (don’t judge) and listened to Jason & Molly Mesnick’s interview with Reality Steve during my run. It helped the time tick by and I loved getting to hear a little insider gossip. 

Friday: off

Saturday: 16.15 miles @10:00 pace. – Newton Hills to Boston. A few months ago a friend added me to a local running group on Facebook. Lo and behold there was an active running community right in my town. I was always surprised that I rarely saw other runners out during my runs. Turns out there are a lot of runners nearby, but they all seem to run during hours that I still consider middle of the night and at paces much faster than me. I posted asking if anyone was interested in joining me for part of my long run and was happily surprised to get a few takers. There were 3 who had shorter distances planned and 1 who wanted to run the whole thing. It was really nice to have company and it’s still new to me to run with others. The woman who ran the whole way usually runs faster than me and is shooting for a 3:45 fall marathon so she definitely helped motivate me to keep pace with her. I definitely would have slowed down, especially towards the end, if it hadn’t been for her.

My usual routes are pretty flat and going into the first of the Newton Hills I was starting to think this was a bad idea. But then my running partner and I started talking training plans, marathon goals and nutrition and before I knew it we were coasting down the hill in front of Boston College. I don’t even remember running up Heartbreak Hill which I’ll take as a good sign, though it may be that I was also starting to worry that I still had 6 miles to go and was almost out of water The Heartbreak Hill Running Company had coolers set up outside their store and I stopped to refill my water bottle. Surprise (and not the good kind) set in when I took my first drink and realized it was Gatorade, not water. Oh well, free hydration along the route is a treat even if it wasn’t the cold water I was expecting/hoping for. After we passed BC and headed into the city there was a lot of traffic – pedestrian and vehicle – and all the stopping, starting, and weaving was starting to wear on me. I reached the point where I felt like if I had to stop anymore I wasn’t going be able to get my legs going again. I was happy to see Hereford St and can only imagine the relief Boston Marathoners must feel when they make that left. Down Boylston a little more and we’d reached our 16 miles. Done. My running partner went to meet up with her family and I headed toward Boston Common where my husband and kids were planning to meet me. I waited for them in front of the Swan Boats and enjoyed an ice-cold water and super salty pretzel from the concession cart with this as my view.


Sunday: off

 Weekly Total: 33.15 miles


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