Chicago Marathon: Training Week 12


That would sum up my feeling towards running this week. Fatigue from my 18 miler, not sleeping well, and being 12 weeks into marathon training all caught up with me this week. The longest mid-week run of my training plan is 8 miles and I only need to run that three times over the cycle. This week was one of those times and it was a big fat fail. Last week I felt great during it, but this time around I was struggling the moment I got on the treadmill. My legs weren’t feeling it, my mind wasn’t feeling it, and my little girl wasn’t feeling it either apparently, because she woke up early from her nap and my run was cut short to 4 miles. Truthfully, I was so happy for the excuse to cut the run short! The next two mornings I planned to get up early to get those 4 miles plus my other run in for the week, and each morning I just could not get myself to get up. Hopefully getting the extra rest versus getting the extra miles is what I really needed. Not a great week, but August capped my highest mileage month by far in the last two years!

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 9.07.54 AM

Monday: off

Tuesday: 5 miles @9:09 – My one good run from the week. 1M w/u @9:31, 3M@8:57, 1M c/d@9:22

Wednesday: 4 miles @9:46 – This was the one that was supposed to be 8 miles. Blah. 

Thursday: off – Nope, still can’t get myself to do it.

Friday: 4 miles @9:48 – Finally ran late that afternoon when I realized I was out of time for getting in another run other than my long run. My plan called for 5 miles and that just wasn’t happening. 

Saturday: 14 miles @10:04 – My mom is in town to celebrate our little one’s 1st (!!) birthday so my husband and I were able to have a run date. When my garmin beeped at the 3 mile mark I thought for sure this was going to be another brutal run. 3 miles? It already felt like we’d been out there forever. Once we reached mile 7 I found my groove and the rest of the run felt pretty good, even on a very hilly route. Splits: (1) 10:02 (2) 10:24 (3) 10:17 (4) 10:07 (5) 9:59 (6) 10:16 (7) 10:19 (8) 9:50 (9) 9:58 (10) 10:08 (11) 10:01 (12) 10:17 (13) 9:34 (14) 9:39

Sunday: off – Our baby is 1!! Everyone says it, but it’s so true – I cannot believe how fast the past year has flown by! We had a great day celebrating with family and now I just need to pause time so my little ones always stay little. 

Weekly Total: 27 miles



3 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon: Training Week 12

  1. This is such a difficult point to get to in marathon training – you’re far enough along that you’re starting to get fatigued from all the work you put in, but at the same time you know your hardest weeks are still to come and the end isn’t in sight yet. Hang in there! The weeks will go by faster than you think. It always helps me feel better to countdown until taper instead of until race day – breaking the remaining time into chunks like that helps it seem more manageable, plus, I love taper!

    Your baby’s dress and those balloons are so cute!!

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