Chicago Marathon: Training Week 13

This past week was a bit of a blur, and my mid-week runs were pretty unremarkable. After feeling completely depleted last week, I kept all my runs this week at a comfortable 9:40 pace in anticipation of my first 20-miler of this training cycle (spoiler alert: it was my best run of the cycle!). Non-running life has been busy, with my youngest turning 1 last week and my oldest starting Kindergarten this week. Between the two big milestones I have been an emotional mess. Sadness over them growing up so quickly, worry about how my oldest would do at school, and just an overall melancholy about how short of a time they are truly little for. Yep, tearing up again over here. Those steady, easy runs on the treadmill were good for clearing my head.


91 hours and 619.5 miles logged (not all mine) on our trusty treadmill.

I didn’t spend the whole week crying on my treadmill though; we also celebrated our dog’s 10th birthday! My husband and I adopted him when he was 2 years old, and I’m happy to say that he has not lost his puppy spirit. He is a sweet little boy who is a lot naughty, and our oldest has started chronicling the tales (or should it be tails 😉 ) of his naughtiness in a book she is writing. The adventures usually seem to center on stealing food or devouring entire boxes of crayons. The last time he ate our daughter’s crayons, which was conservatively the 4th time, my mom sent 3 replacement packs so we would be prepared! Of course it would help if we remembered to pick them up when we’re done, but that is a losing battle.

This handsome boy is 10!

This handsome boy is 10!

With over 400 miles on my current shoes it was time to get some new ones. Zappos proved again why I love them when I ordered a new pair of Mizuno Wave Rider shoes to replace my old pair. I ordered them at 3:57 on Tuesday and they were delivered to my door at 2:57 on Wednesday! Amazing! Jury is still out on whether the new 18s are as comfortable as my 17s.

Hello, beautiful

Hello, beautiful

On to the running recap:

Monday: off

Tuesday: 5 miles @9:39 – After a week of bad runs, missing miles, and feeling exhausted I felt good today! My legs felt rested and the pace felt comfortable. Phew!

Wednesday: 5 miles @9:40 – Another steady 5 miles. 

Thursday: 5 miles @9:39 – This was the big day to start Kindergarten so I didn’t run during the day. Ran this at night, which I almost never do, and can’t say that I like running after eating a big dinner. I would rather be relaxing!


My little Kindergartener

Friday: off

Saturday: 20 miles @10:00 – Ahhhh! I have been waiting for a run like this! It was one of those runs where I just loved running and felt like I could run forever. The weather was absolutely perfect, cool and clear, and those extra rest days + a cutback week gave me fresh legs. I could tell from the third mile that this was going to be a good run, and then laughed at myself, because obviously you should be feeling good at mile 3 of a 20 miler. But a lot of times it takes me awhile to warm up, and sometimes I never get into that groove. What a difference some rest and a cutback week makes. I guess that’s why a taper is built in at the end of a training cycle. I haven’t raced much, but in my previous marathon and half-marathons I never started the race feeling fresh. In my last training cycle I did a 2 week taper, and am planning a 3 week taper this go around, so I’m hoping that will give me this same feeling on October 11. 

I ran the first half alone and treated myself to some music, which I try to reserve for treadmill runs. Listening to my favorite running songs definitely helped me zone out instead of focusing on how much running I had left. I love living close to the Boston Marathon route and ran the Newton Hills to BC where I was meeting a friend. When I got to Heartbreak Hill Running Company I couldn’t remember if it was at the top or bottom of Heartbreak Hill, but was pretty sure it was at the top and started thinking how glad I was to be down with the Newton Hills. Ran a few more feet and realized that they were at the bottom. Ugh. After I reached the top I only had about .25 miles before I reached my friend and could turn around. The last 10 miles flew by! Both of our oldest children started Kindergarten this week so we had a lot to catch up on. I stopped at miles 8, 12, and 18 for water with only the water/bathroom break at 18 really impacting our time. 

Dividing this run into 2 parts really helped. Knowing I had “only” 10 miles to run before meeting my friend made a huge mental difference. Splits (1) 10:11 (2) 9:56 (3) 9:52 (4) 9:42 (5) 9:40 (6) 9:43 (7) 9:39 (8) 9:37 (9) 9:45 (10) 9:50 (11) 9:44 (12) 9:58 (13) 10:13 (14) 9:58 (15) 10:19 (16) 10:07 (17) 10:08 (18) 11:51 (19) 9:56 (20) 9:39


Sunday: off

Weekly Total: 35 miles


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