Chicago Marathon: Training Week 14

That moment when you’re one month from your marathon and the new version of your favorite shoes are uncomfortable, but the old version is nearly 2 years old and widely unavailable.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 4.33.07 PM

I loved my original Mizuno Wave Riders, the 16s. I loved the Wave Rider 17s, even when longtime Mizuno lovers revolted against them. So when it came time to replace my current Wave Rider 17s, which have 450 miles on them, I had no doubts that I would love the Wave Rider 18s. Right? Wrong. Within the first mile of running in them I could feel this uncomfortable pressure on the ball of my right foot. Just need to break them in I thought to myself, even though none of my other Wave Riders needed a break in period. I gave them another shot during my next run; 8 miles of discomfort and numbness under the ball of my foot. I can make them work. Loosen the laces over the forefoot and wear them around the house as much as possible. Tested them out again and while definitely better, I could still notice the pressure during a 5 mile run. If they’re bothering me after 5 miles, I know I’m going to want to rip them off my feet over the course of 26.2 miles. After frantically calling local running stores and searching the internet, I found a pair in my size. Some sweat, panic, and an Amazon Prime trial membership later, a pair of 17s should be at my house on Tuesday.

Training for the week went well. It’s nice having a cutback week with 12 miles as the longest run, but I do start to get nervous that it’s not enough. During my last training cycle my plan called for a 16 mile long run between the two 20 milers, and had 8 runs at or over 15 miles. This time around I’ll only run 15 miles or more 5 times over the cycle. It’s equal parts relief and panic at knowing I have only one more really long run before taper begins!

Monday: off

Tuesday: 5 miles @9:16 – I started off this run feeling good and picked up the pace. Not too long after I wasn’t feeling it as much and dialed the pace back. I don’t remember how long I ran at each pace, but the overall was 9:16/mile.

Wednesday: 8 miles @9:30 – The last time my plan called for 8 miles (which needed to be done on the treadmill due to my schedule) I felt terrible from the start and bailed after 4. So I was really nervous going into this run, 8 miles on the treadmill just drags on. I downloaded a few podcasts and decided to give Scandal a try. Just a little late to the party on this one! But I couldn’t be happier that I am, because I loooove it. I found myself smiling along while watching, stupidly happy at finding a show so good and engrossing, that it makes treadmill miles bearable. 

Thursday: off

Friday: 5 miles @8:56 – Dare I say I actually looked a little bit forward to this run? Knowing I had a new episode of Scandal to watch, and wanting to test my shoes 1 last time, I was happy to get on the treadmill this morning. 1M w/u @9:40, 3M @8:34, 1M c/d @9:16

Saturday: 12 miles @10:21 – My running buddy had 9 miles planned for this weekend, so I ran the first 3 by myself before looping back to meet up with her. It was such a cool morning to be out for a run. The air was slightly cool, slightly muggy, and totally foggy. 


It made my normal, very suburban route feel mysterious, like I was running in a totally new area. I kept stopping to take pictures the first 3 miles, because it just looked so cool! I’m definitely not coordinated enough to pull off the mid-run pictures and must have looked like a fool running a few feet, stopping to take a picture, running a few more feet, stopping to take another picture etc. Who can help it though when you run past views like this? 


Sunday: off

Weekly Total: 30 miles


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