Chicago Marathon: Training Week 16

A little light reading came in the mail this week.


My husband’s is still sealed shut with the little sticker, while I read through every single page of mine! I also read the manual to my car from cover to cover when I got it, so it’s no surprise that I would pore through this. Next up in my planning obsession preparation is to make a cheat sheet with which stations we need for getting from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the expo, and walking directions from our hotel to each restaurant we have reservations for. Our weeklong Ventra cards were already ordered so we don’t have to wait in lines to do this when we arrive. I love planning, which is part of the reason I love marathon training cycles, but having 2 kids has definitely forced me to up my game when it comes to traveling. There’s a good chance that our littlest won’t nap on the plane and the faster we can get to the hotel to get settled the better.

Training for the week:

Monday: off

Tuesday: 5 miles @8:56 – Total dead legs. I was so sore after my 20 mile the Saturday before, and my legs felt like they had weights tied to them. I ran this one on the treadmill at the gym and it felt so much more cushioned than running on my treadmill at home. Splits: 1M w/u @9:30, 4 x 500m @8:34 with 500m @9:05 RI in between.

Wednesday: off

Thursday: off – I normally run on Wednesday & Thursday, but I had the Keratin treatment done to my hair on Wednesday. Since I didn’t have time to run before the Keratin treatment and had to wait at least 24 hours to put my hair back or wash it I skipped both days. I’ve been wanting to have this done for the past 5 years and finally pulled the trigger. So far I LOOOOVE it! My hair is thick, wavy and frizzy and takes forever to dry. Even when I dry and flat iron it, it inevitably ends up frizzy and in a pony tail. With the Keratin treatment I blow dried my hair with out doing much and it came out completely straight and frizz fee. Amazing! 

Friday: 5 miles @9:32 – Felt great on this run! Pace felt easy and legs felt comfortable. My new shoes were still bothering my foot though. After spending a little time with Dr. Google I was starting to worry that it wasn’t just needing to break in my shoes and was Metatarsalgia. I felt a ittle panic at not having enough time before the marathon to figure this out.

Saturday: 12 miles @10:19 – Brr! It was a chilly 50 degrees when I started on the run, but knew I would warm up fast. SInce I was meeting my friend for 11 miles I ran the first as a loop around my house so I could where a hoodie for the first mile and then ditch it before running the rest with her. With the cooler weather I thought for sure this was going to be a great run. It wasn’t. It felt like a slog and much harder than I would have expected. The good news is that I wore my new shoes and they didn’t bother me one bit. Yay!

Sunday: 4 miles @9:40 – My oldest was up all Saturday night with a virus. She has a really strong reaction to fevers where her heart feels crazy fast to her and it feels like the room is moving. It’s pretty scary for her – and for us to see her so scared.  She’s always been prone to high fevers, but this is the 2nd time she’s had these scary symptoms with it. Everything has checked out at the doctor that points to it being a virus, and not a terribly unusual reaction to a fever, but I hope this isn’t the new norm for her. By the time she fell asleep Sunday night I wasn’t sure I felt up to running, but at this point I feel like there’s so few miles each week that I need to get them all in.

Weekly Total: 26 miles


4 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon: Training Week 16

  1. Yep, you’re a planner. I’m more of a go with flow guy. Especially for Chicago marathon. Every year I stumble on something new. As long as I make it to my corral on time. Luckily my kids are older and have learned the art of dads marathon schedule. Good luck with your taper and the race. Wait, did I enter Chicago?


  2. My planner was waiting when we got back from our half this past weekend, we’re super excited to be heading to Chicago next week…our son decided he didn’t want to get up crazy early to go to race expos and chase me around Chicago on race day so he’s staying at home with Grandma!


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