Chicago Marathon: Training Week 17

And then there was 1. One last week of training. Which really doesn’t feel like training, but rather some light running to keep the legs from getting stale. Oh yeah, and the little 26.2 mile run at the end of the week to cap it off. It feels like a really long time since I ran a long run, and the taper crazies have officially taken over. Rationally I know that tapering is key to giving your body time to recover from the cumulative fatigue of training, but I still can’t help but feel like I’m losing fitness and won’t be able to run for 4+ hours on marathon day after reducing my long runs over these 3 weeks. Like I said, taper crazies. 

Training for the week was pretty unremarkable. A couple shorter mid-week runs and one short long run on Sunday. Our oldest daughter was still really sick at the beginning of the week and I was more focused on her than thinking about my taper miles. Luckily she is much better now, and knock on wood, hopefully the whole crew will be nice and healthy on October 11.

Monday: off

Tuesday: 4 miles @9:05 – Weekday mileage is back low enough that I’m done running by the time an episode of Scandal is over. Woo hoo! The last few weeks I’ve had to force myself not to start the next episode for the last 5-10 minutes when I wasn’t done with my mileage, but the episode was over. This week our treadmill hit 100 hours of running on it. When we first got it I was worried that it would be a huge space & money waste, but we have definitely gotten good use out of it. Plus, the little ledge makes the perfect iPad stand for watching Scandal while running.


Wednesday: 3 miles @9:09 – Just 3 miles?! Funny that when I started training I was running maybe 2 miles twice a week. At this point when I see 3 miles on my training schedule I think, that’s it? 1M @9:30, 1M @8:34, 1M @9:23

Thursday: 4 miles @9:02

Friday: off

Saturday: off – I try to get my long runs in on Saturday, but once a month a big group of friends from my neighborhood get together and Thursday night was this month’s night out. I stayed out WAY too late and paid for it all day Friday. Between wanting a chance to sleep in and the cold, rainy weather it seemed like the smart idea to move this run to Sunday.

Sunday: 8 miles @10:12 – Our first total run together! My friend, who is training for a half-marathon, and I have been getting together on weekends to run our long runs together. Since my mileage has been higher we’ve either been running the first or last parts together. This was the first week where our mileage coincided and we got to start and finish together! The running part was pretty lackluster for me. Ever since my first 20 miler of the the training cycle which was amazing, my long runs have felt tough. Every time I look down and see the pace vs. my perceived effort I feel surprised. This was no exception. 


Happy face


…tired legs


4 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon: Training Week 17

  1. I can’t believe it’s this weekend! I’m sure you are going to do awesomely. I have my fingers crossed that the Chicago weather is nice and autumn-y for all of you!

    I can’t say I ever really get the taper crazies. Everyone talks about how it freaks them out that they can’t run as much but I spend the entire 3 weeks sooooo glad I don’t have to run as much – even, sometimes, wishing I could run LESS! It usually takes right up until race day for my exhaustion to go away. Taper is actually my favorite part of training. I love knowing that all my hard work is in the bank and I’m in the best shape of my life just waiting to take my 26.2 mile victory lap!

    If we don’t hear from you again, GOOD LUCK this weekend!!


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