Back on Track . . . or injured?!

What’s this? A blog post and it hasn’t been nearly a month since my last one? I hardly even recognize myself!

This felt like a good week of training for me, even though I only ran 7 of my planned 12 mile long run. I feel like my motivation is starting to come back, I’m seeing faster paces, and my runs are feeling pretty comfortable. So why didn’t I run the last 5 miles of my long run? Unfortunately I’m experiencing pain in my left shoulder and I was worried that my running would aggravate it.

It started 3 weeks ago when I was lifting our old, heavy garage door with one hand while holding my 1 year old in the other. The next day my arm was super sore, but I couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t until a couple of days later when I went to open the garage again that I realized what had caused it. It wasn’t super painful at this point, and I only really noticed it if I went to lift something semi-heavy or reach high over my head. I figured with rest it would heal itself. Fast forward 3 weeks and it was still bothering me, but not getting worse. I aggravated it again and it is really hurting. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to have been running and building my distance up to have an arm injury derail my plans. I’m hoping to get into an orthopedist this week and hoping that it doesn’t get in the way of running.


Weekly Training: December 7 – 13

Monday: off

Tuesday: 1M w/u @9:22, 3x1600m @7:53 (800m RI @9:14), 800m c/d @9:18 = 5.5M @8:30 – Last week’s mile repeats at 7:47 felt unsustainable (and I made the 2nd repeat an 800), so I dialed back to 7:53 this week. While it felt hard, it also felt totally doable. 

Wednesday: 6M @9:22 – Wednesday called for an easy run and the pace definitely felt easy. I was tempted to speed up so I could be done faster, but reminded myself that just because you can run a faster pace, doesn’t mean you should.

Thursday: Short Tempo miles with w/u & c/d = 6M@8:33 – My husband was working from home + it was a beautiful 60 degree December day = outside run during our little one’s nap. It had been a loooong time since I did anything other than a long run outside and my pacing issues showed it. My plan was 1M w/u, 3M at short tempo pace (8:17), 1M c/d. Right as my watch hit the 1 mile mark I had to wait awhile to cross the street. I was worried about pushing too fast in the 1st mile to make up for the time I was stopped and ended up at an 8:27. My next mile was way too fast at 8:05, but the main problem was that I was at about 8:25-8:30 pace for the first half mile and towards the end my lap pace was under 8 min/miles. Same with the next mile where I was running a good 30 seconds slower during the first half and then needing to run way under my 8:17 goal pace to make up for it. And I ended up running an extra mile at not quite cool down pace or tempo pace. Basically, I was a mess and my splits were all over the place. But it was great to be (1) outside and (2) in short sleeves in December!
Splits: (1) 9:09 (2) 8:27 (3) 8:05 (4) 8:13 (5) 8:32 (6) 8:53

Friday: off

Saturday: off

Sunday: 7M @8:59 – Splits: (1) 9:31 (2) 9:05 (3) 9:05 (4) 9:00 (5) 8:52 (6) 8:44 (7) 8:38


Weekly Total: 24.5 miles

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 11.50.21 AM


5 thoughts on “Back on Track . . . or injured?!

  1. Wow, this is a pretty great week, you are speeding up! 2 speed workouts AND a progression long run? Dang girl, get it!

    One thing that often helps me in speed repeats is that instead of slowing down the intervals, I slow down the recoveries. I always do my warm up and recovery intervals at at least 10:00 pace, and my intervals are always in the 6:45-7:30 range. Keeping them slow really helps me to consistently hit faster paces in my intervals.


      • Good luck! And remember, you are just getting back in the swing of things, your body is still (re)learning! It will get easier (and faster!) as the weeks go by 🙂


  2. Sounds like some solid runs and workouts as you ramp up again. Those paces are great. Also, your training plan pic came out great zoomed in!


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