The Running Blahs

The title of this post pretty much sums up my running this week. The cumulative fatigue of running more mileage and faster paces hit me this week and all my runs felt, well, blah. I never felt like running and when I did they all felt hard. I skipped out on some of the repeats for my track work, passed over a mile of mid-tempo work, and cut my long run short by a few miles. The beauty of not having a goal race yet is that I only had mild guilt over not hitting all the miles planned for the week.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 11.53.37 AM

Weekly Training: January 11 – 17

Monday: 45 minutes at the gym. 2×15 sets of external and internal arm rotations and rows (both arms). Clockwise lunges – 10 in each direction with each leg, 20 squats, bicycle crunches, side lying leg lifts, clam shells, and stretching.

Tuesday: 5.25M @8:34 – The run that set the tone for the week. This one was brutal and felt WAY too fast. My plan called for 6x800m @7:31 with 90 sec RI. I didn’t like walking/stopping last week so I decided to do 400m RI @10. I made it through a whopping 3 of the repeats before throwing in the towel. RLRF is known to have aggressive paces and I think these were just too fast for where my fitness is today. Maybe walking the RI like the plan called for would have helped, but I think the reason they were so hard had more to do with the pace. I dialed back both the pace (7:41) and distance (400m) for the rest of the repeats. 

Wednesday: After my terrible run the day before I’d go to the gym to do my PT exercises, but run on my home treadmill during nap time so I could at least watch a show on Netflix. Once nap time came around I had no desire to run though so I skipped it. Gym work was a repeat of Monday’s exercises.

Thursday: 6M @8:51 – My plan called for 5M @Mid Tempo (MT) pace (8:35), plus a mile warm up & cool down. 7 miles of treadmill running sounded awful so I decided to skip out on one of the MT miles. Somehow 6 miles sounded so much better than 7.

Friday: 6M @9:30 – Repeat of Monday’s exercises at the gym and 6M on my home treadmill.  I really wanted to catch up on Episode 4 of Making of a Murderer on Netflix so I did my run at home. 

Saturday: off – Cold and rainy so I moved my long run to Sunday.

Sunday: 10M @9:12 – Capped off the week with another struggling run. I had planned to run 13 miles so I could reach 30 overall miles for the week, but by mile 3 I had already decided to cut it short. I couldn’t get into a rhythm and it felt like a struggle the whole time. 


What to do when you’re tired of running?


Take pictures!

The highlight of the run was running along a path that I’ve liked in the past and was recently redone to make it wider. There were a ton of runners and walkers along the path which helped me get through these miles. At mile 9 another runner was turning around right as I crossed the road.  She spent about a .25 mile just a few steps behind me, then passed me and I found myself subconsciously matching her stride and she helped me pick up the pace. I ended up running a few feet behind her for about a mile. I was starting to feel a bit creepy when she took the same sort of weird turn that I had to take to get home. Now I felt really creepy! If she hadn’t had headphones in I would have struck up a conversation with her in hopes of finding a new running buddy . . . and to let her now I wasn’t stalking her. At this point I was close enough to home that I decided to speed up a bit so I could pass her and give her peace of mind that I wasn’t in fact creepily following her. Splits: 1) 9:45 2) 9:21 3) 9:02 4) 9:11 5) 9:22 6) 9:32 7) 9:20 8) 9:21 9) 8:42 10) 8:35 .25) 8:36

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 9.19.29 PM

Long run elevation profile. I need to find some more hills!

Weekly Total: 27.5 miles


5 thoughts on “The Running Blahs

  1. Ahhh it happens to us all! Blah days/weeks are just as much a part of training as the breakthrough workouts and the runners highs. I would be more worried if I *didn’t* occasionally feel that way in training. Have you taken a cutback week yet? If the problem is the cumulative fatigue you mention, it could really help you regroup physically and mentally!


  2. I hate blah days and weeks. I tend to just take one full day off and do nothing related to running. No reading, no writing, no thinking about it. It typically helps.

    Oh and for hills, I recently did a run with my gym where we did jump squats (10) every 5 minutes after our warm up. It’s supposed to simulate hills because you’re using the same muscles that you (should) use during hills.


    • I like that idea. Usually when I take a day off, especially unplanned, I spend a lot of time & energy thinking about how I should be running, when will I fit my run in, etc. A total day off – physically and mentally would help.
      I need to try those jump squats!


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