A little bit better now

After last week of not wanting to run and feeling totally out of shape when I did, this week was so much a little bit better. It wasn’t terrible, but there were no great, reaffirming my love for running, runs either. But after last week, I’ll take it!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 12.12.25 PM

Weekly Training: January 18 – 24

Monday: off

Tuesday: Plan:2 x (6×400) (90 sec RI); (2min 30 RI b/t sets) – Actual: 10 min w/u, 6×400 @7:30 (400m RI @10:00), 800m RI, 5×400 @7:30 (400m RI @10:00, .6M c/d =7 miles @8:50 FullSizeRender-11
I was nervous about this run after last week’s disastrous attempt at 800s. I decided beforehand to take the pace down from RLRF’s recommended 7:17 to 7:30. These felt much hard, but not in the “I’m going to pass out and fly off the back of the treadmill” way that last week’s 800s did. I did one round of 6x400m @7:30 w/400m RI @10, and the 2nd round at 5x400m at the same paces/RIs. I skipped the 6th 400m in the 2nd round since I was running out of time and wanted to cool down a little before getting off the treadmill. 

Wednesday: Plan: 8M Easy – Actual: 0M and 45 minutes strength – I had 8M at easy pace on plan and had no desire to do that on the gym treadmill. I opted to do my arm physical therapy exercises, squats, lunges, MYRTLs, etc and would run at home during nap time so I could watch Making of a Murderer. I’ve mentioned before that I’m totally a creature of habit, and now that I’ve gotten out of the habit of running during nap time I’m finding it really hard to motivate myself to do it. This run got skipped.

Thursday: Plan: 1M Easy, 2M Mid Tempo, 1M Easy, 2M Mid Tempo, 1M Easy – Actual: 1M @9:20, 2M@8:35, 1M @9:15, 2M @8:35, 1M@9:15 = 7 miles @8:54 – For the first time in a long time I actually followed my planned run exactly!  To be perfectly honest, I was totally thinking of cutting it short when my sister-in-law joined me on the treadmill next to mine. It was much easier to finish the last 1.5 miles with her to chat with. 1M @9:20, 2M@8:35, 1M @9:15, 2M @8:35, 1M@9:15

Friday: off – Playdate in the morning with a bunch of friends and their babies and another nap time run skipped. I’m seeing a pattern here.

Saturday: Plan: 8M @HMP+20 – Acutal: 12M @9:39 – My town has a local runners FB page that is pretty active. There’s a track workout each week and many weekend long runs groups. I’ve only been to 1 long runso far, because it’s a bit like Goldilocks in trying to find a group that works. So far it’s been too fast, too slow, too early, too late, but this one was just right. Okay, it was a little earlier than I typically run (6am) , but after having major insomnia all week I figured I would be tired no matter what time I woke up, and it would be much more motivating to run with a group. I ran a route I wouldn’t normally run and the change in scenery and having company was a very welcome change. 

I knew the 5am wake-up call would be hard for me, so I laid out all my items the night before. When I went to sleep, the forecast said it would be a “feels like” temperature of 6 degrees, it wasn’t quite that cold, but I still wore everything I had planned and was totally comfortable. I wore a balaclava, tank top, long sleeve 1/4 zip pullover, an older version of this Brooks Nightlife Jacket (which is now on sale), Saucony running mitts that can either be worn as gloves or mittens, and the ultimate in cold weather running tights –Lululemon toasty tech tights. They are a major splurge for me, but I had leftover gift cards from last Christmas that I decided to put towards these. They have a fleece lining, are thick, incredibly warm and comfortable, and have awesome pockets – 2 side zip pockets that easily fit my phone, and 2 more hip pockets perfect for holding fuel. I was actually a little excited for the cold so I could wear them. This was my longest long run since the Chicago Marathon, and running with a group was enough to push me to do it. I’d been planning to run 12 miles for a few of my last long runs and then would always end up cutting it short. This run may have converted me to being an early morning run for the bonus of being done by 8 and having a group to run with.


IMG_4240Sunday: 4M @9:20 – We were spared the significant snowfall of Storm Jonas and ended up with only 4-5″. The sidewalks had already been snow blown when I went for a run so I wasn’t sinking into the snow, but it was pretty slushy and slippery. I could feel how hard my legs were working to keep me from falling. My legs were sore the rest of the night and next day. Because I skipped my 8 mile Wednesday run, but ran 4 extra miles than my plan called for on my long run, I kept this run to 4 easy miles which felt easy from a mental point of view. 



Weekly Total: 30 miles


3 thoughts on “A little bit better now

  1. I also like the feeling of getting my long run over with early on Saturday morning (although not THAT early!), and also with my weekday runs since I’ve switched to doing them before work. Glad you had a better week! Training is all ebbs and flows. It gets better!


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