February 1-7 Recap

When I sat down to write this post I was thinking that I must have missed a week of blogging. So much was crammed into last week that it felt like last Monday was a really, really long time ago. Insomnia + traveling husband + kids up at 4:45am will do that I guess. As I’ve mentioned a time or a hundred, I need a lot of sleep. Sleep was something that was not happening in my house last week. My youngest started the week recovering from the stomach bug, both girls were out of sorts that my husband was away for work and up extra early each morning, insomnia has come to stay with me for the last few weeks, and we ended the week with a snowstorm and our youngest coming down with a nasty cold. Something had to give, and that something was hard running. This seemed like a good week to take a step back in terms of mileage and paces and I kept most runs to an easy pace.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 3.11.15 PM

There were some really fun things packed into that week too. Signing up for a goal half-marathon, enjoying a beautiful snow storm, and an 80’s run.

(The next few photos have absolutely nothing to do with running, but it really was one of the most beautiful snow storms we’ve had . All the trees and streets were coated in heavy, white snow, and then the skies cleared into an amazing sunset. My pictures don’t do it justice.)

Weekly Training: February 1-7:

Monday: Gym – To be totally honest, I don’t remember if I went to the gym this day. But if I did, I would have done arm rows, rotations, lunges, squats, and single leg dead lifts. So let’s just go with that 🙂

Tuesday: Plan: 4 x 1200m (@7:38 w/2 min RI) – Actual: 1M w/u @9:33, 4 x 1200m @7:41 w/400m RI @10, .75M c/d = 5.5M @8:37 – This was my 1st and last hard workout of the week. I remember feeling completely exhausted and a little out of it on this run. The pace felt surprisingly fine and the benefit of being so tired was that I was just going through the motions of the run without really realizing it. I was shocked at how fast this workout went! I also decided at the end of this run to run the rest of the week at an easy pace. Nothing good was going to come from me running hard & being sleep deprived. 

Wednesday: Gym – Again, I think I went to the gym, but I don’t remember for sure and I didn’t log it. 

Thursday: Plan: 1M Easy, 6M Mid Tempo, 1M Easy – Actual: 5M Easy @9:30

Friday: Plan: 6M Easy – Actual: 5M Easy @9:24 – Snow day! It was beautiful, heavy, heavy, snow. Our lights flickered once, but luckily we never lost power. 

Saturday: Plan: 10M @HMP+20 – Actual: 10M @9:30ish pace – A woman in my local runner’s group is running Boston as a member of a charity team, and as part of her fundraising efforts she promised to do her long run dressed in 80’s gear if she hit a certain fundraising amount. She recruited fellow members of the run group to join her and there was no way I could pass up a chance to rock a side ponytail. The outfits were, like, totally radical! Leg warmers, tons of neon, off the shoulder tops, and  sweatbands. One girl from the group crimped her hair using her actual crimper from the 80’s! My excitement for this run was off the charts and I spent the whole morning (we didn’t run until 1pm for prime public viewing) dressed in my 80’s outfit, wanting to pop in a Jane Fonda workout video, wear jelly shoes, and break out my old Cabbage Patch Dolls to play with.


The running part of this wasn’t quite as fun. I wasn’t sure how bad the sidewalks would be from our storm the day before so I opted to have my husband add screws to an old pair of running shoes to provide more traction.


DIY YakTrax

Here’s a tip that’s probably obvious, if you decide to do this, test it out before running for an hour and half on them. They definitely helped with traction, but the screws right under my big toe were incredibly uncomfortable. I spent 10 miles trying not to land on that part of my foot and ended up with a blister on one foot and bleeding on the other foot, plus really sore muscles in parts of my foot that don’t normally gets used. I think if I just take out the screws from right under the big toe they will be great. I really like running with a group, but I noticed on both of my recent group runs that the pace feels harder than I would expect. Most of my solo long runs have been about 9 min/mile pace and very comfortable, but we ran a good 30 seconds/mile slower this run and last group run and it felt hard. The snow probably played a bit of a factor this run, but maybe it’s the talking and running at the same time that is hard for me. But, while the pace has felt harder, the miles pass so much faster! I’m not sure of the exact pace since my watch didn’t catch satellite until nearly a mile in. 


Sunday: Off – The Super Bowl is usually the only football game I catch in any given season. I don’t have any connections to either team and wasn’t rooting for anyone until I saw the Carolina Panther’s Jonathan Stewart do the hand jive dance from Grease after his touchdown. I really wish I could figure out how to embed the video here, because it was AMAZING, so I’ll include the link instead. You won’t regret watching it!

Weekly Total: 25.5 miles

Do you find group runs to be easier or harder than solo runs?


8 thoughts on “February 1-7 Recap

  1. It all depends on the group I’m running with for me. At the gym, they’re usually harder because everyone just kind of runs without thinking about pace. I’m usually trying to stick to a certain target HR still to make things (hopefully) better in the future. But I ran with somebody new last week and it was a little easier, but we were also going really slow because it was icy on our route!


  2. Great job getting in those miles (and some speedwork!) in despite a busy week and lack of sleep! It’s impressive! Love the 80s outfits, I’m sure that was a ton of fun! Love running with groups, but have mainly trained alone during this marathon training cycle given that it’s been in the winter months! How did you add screws to your shoes? Hope you’re able to catch up on more sleep this week!


  3. It was still a pretty decent week. On this side of the map, we generally don’t get those kind of blizzards and snowstorms, though it can get cold and icy at times. At that point, I just bite the bullet and hit the treadmill. Interesting method with the screws though! SB was honestly a sleeper for us…we love our football but when our ‘Hawks aren’t in it, just not the same!


  4. That 80’s run is so cool! I love 80’s stuff, that must have been a blast.

    I don’t really find group running “easier” or “harder” than solo running, just different. I rarely run with people – social running just doesn’t do it for me. I’ll occasionally meet up with my running group, and it does make the miles go by faster to have company sometimes, but in general I’d rather just grind it out on my own. Since I don’t race with pacers or groups, I think it makes sense for me not to train that way either.


    • It was soooo much fun! It made me want to find a theme race to run one day.
      That’s a good point about training the same way you are going to race. I’m really enjoying the social factor of running in a group, but as I get closer to my race it will be good practice to run solo.


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