Half Marathon Training: Week 7

What a week. Just when I thought our youngest, L, was getting over her cold it took a turn for the worse when she woke up at 4am Thursday morning crying and having trouble breathing. It sounded different than just being congested so I called our pediatrician’s after hours number to give them a heads up that I was going to bring her in to the ER, hoping they could call over so the ER would be able to get her seen immediately rather than waiting to be admitted. The clinician was concerned about how much difficulty L was having breathing (I was holding her in my arms while on the phone and the clinician could hear her) and how long it would take me to get to the ER so she had us hang up and call 911  (there went a few years off my life!) and start a steamy shower in our bathroom. The steamy bathroom and then bringing her out into the cold when the paramedics got there really helped her breathing. They took us in to the ER where L got a nebulizer and a steroid to help relax her swollen vocal cords which was causing the difficulty in breathing. Poor little thing had croup which is why her vocal chords and windpipe were so swollen. Thank goodness she is much, MUCH better now! Needless to say, running wasn’t much of a focus after that so I’ll keep this short.

Weekly Training: March 21 – 27

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Plan: 6x 800 (90 sec RI) – Actual: 1.25M w/u @9:45, 2×1200 @7:31, 4×800 @7:19, 2min RI, .7 c/d – Since I ran this week’s workouts last week, I ran the workouts I skipped last week this week. Does that make sense?! I was still super congested so I didn’t push the paces to align with the new target paces based off of my most recent 5k, but I did run them faster than I had been and felt really good.FullSizeRender-25

Wednesday: Plan: 6M Easy – Plan: 6M @ 9:23 – Easy, just like it’s supposed to be.

Thursday: off

Friday: off

Saturday: off

Sunday: Plan: 12M @HMP+30 – Actual: 12M @8:29 – L was feeling much better by now and since my mom was out visiting my husband and I were able to go for a run together. It was a nice chance  to run with him and his company was just about the only good part of this run. Between the stress of L being so sick and still not feeling well myself, this run felt ridiculously hard the whole time. At about mile 3 I started thinking about if we should just head back and cut it short. We stuck it out and I actually felt better the last 4 miles of the run. Although given how terrible I felt the first 8 that’s not saying much!  Even though the run was a total slog it was nice to be out with my husband and my mom loved getting time with the girls so there was a silver lining to it. The rest of the day was great. It ended up being a beautiful Easter Sunday and we got to spend a lot of time outdoors. 


Weekly Totals: 24 miles

Hope everyone had a great week of training and a Happy Easter (if you celebrate)!




8 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training: Week 7

  1. Wow, that was REALLY scary! So glad your daughter is feeling better though!! It would be so hard to concentrate on running after that!

    Have you thought about aiming for a faster half marathon goal? I know you say you struggle with the speed work sometimes, but you have run so many of your long runs within spitting distance of your goal pace…maybe you’re ready for something more challenging??


    • Thanks, Hanna! It was so scary and I really hope our first and last 911 call. Luckily she is SO much better now.
      Yeah, I have been thinking about adjusting my goal for the half. Right now I’m thinking of shooting for 1:45. I go back and forth between feeling like that’s totally within reach and feeling like I’m going to implode! 🙂


    • Thanks, Helly! It’s so strange because she wasn’t coughing. We once had to take our older daughter to urgent care while on vacation because she had a barking cough, but it turned out not to be croup. So I was shocked when this did turn out to be croup. It’s so hard to see our kids sick!


  2. wow, that is really scary when they get that sick so young, so glad everything worked out and she is getting much better now. What is that cool looking graph/app that you have a picture of in the post? Great 12 mile run to finish your very challenging week.


    • Thanks, James! That’s the screen from the treadmills at my gym! They are new and they’re pretty awesome. The thin blue line just above the mile markers on the graph shows pace, so it’s really easy for me to track my repeats when I do them on the treadmill since I can see by the peaks and valleys how far I’ve gone. The bubbles on the right (in the pic show 2.2 and 2.9) shows what speed your on (2.2 in this case) and what the last speed you were on was (2.9). It’s really easy to toggle back and forth between my speed work pace and my rest interval pace using these buttons. There’s also a teeny tiny fan built in to the treadmill that doesn’t give a ton of air, but makes all the difference in a stale room!

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      • That is really cool…we have a pretty nice treadmill at home with iFit but it doesn’t have that cool chart display. The fan is pretty good though and it has a Bluetooth HRM though I don’t really use that feature.


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