April Wrap Up


His & Hers knee bands & braces – our ringing endorsement for the health benefits of running! 

As I enter into peak training for my goal half marathon race I can’t help but notice that my average weekly mileage has gone down each month since January. Now I’m certainly not a running expert, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s not how you’re supposed to train for a race! My original goal for the race was to PR which would mean to come in under 1:50:00. I still think that’s totally doable, barring my IT band completely seizing up. Along the way I felt like 1:45 was possible and started training for that. While I’m not ready to totally rule it out, it feels like a long shot at the moment. There’s been a lot of missed runs in the last month and with just under 4 weeks to go to race day there’s not really time to make it up.

After my last long run where my IT band brought me to a limping walk home, I took the next 6 days off from running to really focus on strengthening my hips. Sure I would throw in 15 side lying leg lifts and clamshells on each side after allmost, some of my runs, but I had gotten really lazy about strength, core, and MYRTL (because it rhymes with hip girdle) exercises. This week I went back to it in full force! I traded in the treadmill for the elliptical on 0% incline – which no matter how hard I try, I never feel like I got a really good cardio workout in on the elliptical – and focused on improving my core and hip strength. Twice a day I went through my MYRTL routine of : 15-20 reps/leg of each – side lying leg lifts, clams shells, hip thrusters, single leg hip thrusters, donkey kicks, and hip hikes. When I’m at the gym I also use a resistance band to do side shuffles. This link and this video is also are great resources for MYRTL exercises.

IMG_5821On Sunday I decided to test out running and hoped to make the 10 miles I had on my training plan. I broke out my old IT band strap and headed out with my cell phone in case I needed my husband to pick me up. The first two miles felt great and my legs felt like they wanted to fly. By mile 3 my lungs were like “what the *&@! do you think you’re doing?” and I slowed down. My plan was a simple out and back on a flat road since downhills can aggravate the IT band. At mile 5 I did a sharp u-turn to turn around which looking back wasn’t a great idea. Half a mile later I could feel my ITB tightening and at mile 6 it was really tight. Stopping to stretch helped marginally, but I started to pull my cell phone out to have my husband come get me. Then I decided I needed to see if I could run through it. When I had ITB pain during my first marathon training cycle it would be worst when I had to stop and start again, but would loosen as I kept going. If the pain got worse I planned to stop and call my husband. The next few miles it still felt tight and I would stop to stretch at the end of every mile. But the last two miles it felt much better – still a small tightness, but not painful. So, we’ll see what the next few weeks hold in training.

How was your April?

Any spring races coming up?



8 thoughts on “April Wrap Up

  1. Keep doing those MYRTLs – I am really happy to hear that you stopped running but focused on that. And don’t worry about some missed miles. You have been training hard and smart. The success of your race isn’t going to be determined by a few missed workouts – look at your whole cycle. You’ve been killing it! Hang in there, keep doing those MYRTLs and get on your foam roller. You are doing great!!


    • Thank you for the vote of confidence, Allison! It’s a good reminder to not worry about just one of two weeks of training. Which is exactly what I would tell someone else!! LOL, why is it always hard to take our own advice?!

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  2. You still had a great month…and hopefully the strength training and stretching combined with the rest time will help the IT band. That is still a great 10 mile pace you nailed and are still on track for a great race day half. Hope you and hubby continue to heal.


  3. I think WP ate my comment! Anyway, you had a great month despite…everything. I totally agree with Allison, queen of MYRTLES, to keep doing them. In fact, I’ve slacked off and need to get back on it. When I do them, I feel the difference. Keep it up!! You’re doing awesome!!


    • LOL – I love Allison’s title of queen of MYRTLES! It’s soooo easy to slack off on them when you are feeling good. It’s the “boring” stuff that really is important to keep up. Thanks, Helly!


  4. I’m happy to hear that you’re being smart with your injury even though it’s hard to do. I know it sucks, but take a long term view: injured or not, you will be better for the strength training and TLC you are committing to right now. There will always be other races and worst case scenario is that you sign up for a later half, regroup, and take advantage of the extra time to do even better in the new race. You’ve put in a lot of hard work and that is never just lost. Stay positive!

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    • So true! I’m very much goal focused and like to have my exact plan in place and, well, sometimes life happens and things don’t go to plan. My husband reminded me that my goals don’t have to be all knocked out this year. And you’re both right – there’s always another race and time to work towards what I want!


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