Race Week!


Image courtesy of Boston’s Run to Remember

My final week of half marathon training came to a close! This upcoming week has only 2 short and easy runs plus some 400s to keep my legs feeling fresh. Hopefully fresh. I would love to say this week’s workouts felt great, but truthfully there hasn’t been a great run to be found lately. Despite that, I’m feeling pretty excited for the race. My mom will be in town and I know quite a few other runners who will be at the race this weekend. I also don’t think that a few weeks of bad runs necessarily equal a bad race. The atmosphere of a race is so different than completing your umpteenth training run. Being surrounded by other runners and knowing that this is what all the training has been for has always helped pumped me up in the past. Plus, I love a good test and I’m interested to see – Has higher mileage helped with my endurance? Will my faster paced long runs pay off or leave my legs feeling heavy and tired? Will my lack of speed work this past month and missed runs have me hurting or will all the other training I did be enough? All these answers and more will be mine come Sunday 😉

Weekly Training: May 15 – 22

Monday: off

Tuesday: Plan: 5x1000M @6:58 – Actual: 4x1000M @7:24 = 5.5 Miles with w/u & c/d- Going in to this workout I didn’t even bother to look at what Run Less, Run Faster had as my target pace. With my race under 2 weeks away and my last “real” speed workout over a month ago, I thought the best plan of attack was to run these around 5k pace. Faster than my average run, but not so crazy to leave me exhausted or aggravate my IT Band. They felt okay – hard, but I didn’t feel like I was going to throw up like last week’s workout so I consider that a win!


Wednesday: Plan: 4M Easy – Actual: 4M @9:16

Thursday: Gym – 35 minutes elliptical w/15 minutes of hard/easy 1 minute intervals. This was supposed to be a tempo run, but I couldn’t fall asleep until nearly 1:30am and then slept fitfully the rest of the night . I decided to push my tempo run off a day. 

Friday: Plan: 2M Easy, 3M @Short Tempo Pace, 1M Easy – Actual: 2M @9:11, 2M @7:56, 1M @9:21 –  Mentally I have not wanted to do anything that is the slightest bit hard. These tempo miles felt hard and therefore I didn’t want to do them.  

Saturday: off

Sunday: Plan 8M @ HMP+20 – Actual: 8M @8:35 – IMG_6145This run started off really promising. I felt deceptively light and quick my first 2 miles and then heavy and slow the last few miles. My runs lately have been feeling a lot like my runs in February whenI was feeling absurdly tired all the time.  Back in February I started tracking my food to see if it was a dietary issue. I noticed that I was only getting about 20% of my daily suggested iron intake so I increased consumption of iron rich foods and picked up a supplement. This seemed to solve my problems since my energy levels returned, but the last few month or so I stopped tracking, and haven’t been eating particularly nutritious food.  Maybe my sluggishness on runs lately is partially due to low iron intake. Something for me to keep an eye on. Splits: 1) 8:52 2) 8:36 3) 8:36 4) 8:23 5) 8:32 6) 8:41 7) 8:31 8) 8:35


Weekly Total: 22.5

The most exciting happenings in our house was that I recently discovered Snapchat – well, I’ve known of Snapchat for awhile and was never interested in it – until I learned it could do this:

It legitimately cracks us all up! I’m not sure who gets a bigger kick out of it – me or my girls!

Are you on Snapchat? Who are your favorite people to follow? 


6 thoughts on “Race Week!

  1. Not on snapchat, but as you know from my blog, I do enjoy twitter so feel free to send a follow if you are on there!! Best of luck with the race this weekend – it seems like you are totally ready to go and everything is going to fall into place.


  2. GOOD LUCK this weekend! You are going to crush it, I just know!! How’s the weather forecast looking? If your weather has been anything like ours this past week, that’s probably the reason some of your runs felt sluggish. It’s been warmer this week and when you’re not acclimated to heat, even a 5-10 degree temperature difference can make a run feel labored.

    I’m not on Snapchat – I refuse – but as you know I sure love me some Insta 🙂


    • Oh my gosh, our weather is ALL over the place this week! Today is chilly, 55, and overcast – tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 90!!! 😳 Then in the 80’s the rest of the week until Sunday when it is supposed to start to cool down to about 70 and overcast. Normally that would be warm for me, but I’ll take it over 80 or 90!!
      Lol, I feel like I should disclaim that I don’t actually SEND any snapchats! We just play with the lenses, but I will admit that I look forward to seeing what the new ones are each day!!


  3. Yaaaay for race week!!!

    I’m so not tech savvy but I learned Snapchat to stay in touch with my nieces and nephew and now I’m addicted. I don’t follow anyone but them/family but I like to play with it with my kids. We crack up!!!


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