Baystate Marathon: Training Week 2


First I have to get my June Wrap Up in. As I mentioned in my last post I took a big step back in running this month. It was my lowest mileage month of the year. Heading into marathon training it does make me a bit nervous to have taken such a big step backward, but hopefully in the long run it was the right move so I’m not burnt out before my race.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 1.05.22 PM

Some very exciting marathon news came this week! My dad, who lives in Arizona, is going to try to come out for my race! It would be so amazing to have him there. Since I was never athletic growing up, and was more likely to be found with my nose buried in a book than outside playing, I think my running is still a bit of surprise to my family. My dad has been really supportive and encouraging in my races and I would be really excited to have him there. When he told me he was planning to come out it lit a bit of a fire in getting me serious about my training!

Week 2 Recap: July 3 – 10

Monday: off

Tuesday: Plan: 4×800 @ 6:34-6:56 (2 min RI) – Actual: 2M w/u, 4×800 @7:03 (2 Min RI), 1M c/d – This was a little slower than it was supposed to be, but running any pace under 7 is still intimidating me. I’m still struggling a bit with boredom on my treadmill runs – especially for hard effort runs. I listened to Matt Fitzgerald’s interview on the Another Mother Runner podcast until the last 800m repeat, then switched to music. Overall I was happy though to have {almost} hit my workout.

Wednesday: Plan: Easy 5 – Actual: 5M @9:11 – Other than a little brain boredom, this run felt easy. So my usual run routine is to watch Live with Kelly on the treadmill’s TV. I’d started watching this show when I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter  and found it really funny, especially Michael Strahan. I was disappointed when he left the show and I NEVER thought I would be so invested in who his replacement was. Some of the co-hosts have been really bad and it’s been interesting to see who clicks and who doesn’t. Anderson Cooper is my absolute favorite so far! 

Thursday: Plan: 1M E, 5M @8:12, 1M E – Actual: 1M @8:45, 5M@8:10 (8:06-8:13), 1M @9:40 – This run made me nervous going in. I feel like I can run all day on the treadmill at an easy pace, but knowing I have to maintain a steady push pace scares me more on the treadmill than it does outdoors. Part of the way through I was talking myself into only running 4 of the 5 tempo miles, but instead of quitting for the last mile I played around with the pace. Since goal pace was 8:12 I would alternate between going faster or slower every 1/10th of a mile. So for the first 1/10 I’d run at 8:19, then the second 1/10 at 8:06, over and over until I’d completed the whole mile. It definitely helped the mile go faster to break it down into 10 little parts. 

Friday: Plan: Recovery 4M – Actual: 4M @9:33

IMG_7254Saturday: Plan: 15M @8:57 – Actual: 15.15M @8:56 – Going into the weekend the forecast called for a chance of thunderstorms all weekend. The best option of missing the thunderstorms looked to be early Saturday and there was a group running 8 miles starting early that morning. I’d been wanting to make it to a group run for awhile and this one seemed like a good option and my best chance at getting myself up and out early enough to miss the thunderstorms. We ran through trails that I had never been on and a route that I don’t normally take. The trails were a lot more scenic than my normal run route and we even saw a fox! There were 7 of us total and the first 9 (we ended up running a little longer than planned) flew by having so many people to chat with. There was one killer hill at mile 7ish that I tend to avoid when on my own, but I was happy to be challenged by this group. After finishing 9 with them I did a quick 3 mile each way out and back to finish my 15. Like my temp run on Thursday it seemed so much more manageable breaking into parts instead of having a whole 15! I normally run with my phone, but left it behind since I was worried it was going to rain and I was running with other people. I wish I had pictures of some of the trails to share! (1) 9:13, (2) 9:04, (3) 9:10, (4) 8:34, (5) 10:04, (6) 9:07, (7) 9:00, (8) 8:43, (9) 8:51, (10) 8:44, (11) 9:57 – stopped to pee & refill my water, (12) 8:33, (13) 8:26, (14) 8:26, (15) 8:16 (.15) 8:19

Weekly Total: 36.65

I nearly hit my all time highest mileage week this week with 36.65 miles – my highest mileage week ever was 37.6. Staying on top of my MYRTLS and foam rolling is going to be extra important this training cycle.

How was your running this week? What are you training for?

If you watch Live with Kelly – who do you think her new co-host should be? 


9 thoughts on “Baystate Marathon: Training Week 2

  1. Yay, you’re back! I did 12x400s today and felt the pace too slow for a “speed” workout. I’m wondering if I should re-evaluate that (I think it should be more where yours it and I think we have the same goal, right?).

    That’s so awesome your dad is going out to see you! That only means you’ll have to repay him by coming over HERE!!! 😉 ❤


    • What pace were your 400s? Where do you get the pace from?If it’s from Hansons I would stick with it for a little bit – assuming that they’re calculating in the cumulative milage/paces for all your workouts. But if in a few weeks it still feels too comfortable I think it’s good to re-evaluate! It’s so hard to figure out what the right challenging pace is so your not selling yourself short and your not risking injury!

      YES! My husband and I are talking about going out in January or February. No better time to leave Boston and no better time to be in Arizona!! 🙂


  2. How amazing that your dad wants to come to see you! That’s great motivation. Sounds like the group run was nice, I wish there were running groups in my area… Maybe I need to take initiative and arrange them myself 😉

    I’m down with the flu, so no running for me *boo* 😦


    • Ahhh, I hope you feel better soon!

      This running group is pretty cool – it was started on Facebook by a couple runners in our town just over a year ago and now has over 500 members!! They do a weekly track workout – morning and evening session and there are always multiple groups going out for long runs on the weekend. You should definitely start one yourself!!


  3. It is that time for the monthly summary again isn’t it?!! I know when your’s comes out, I best get started 🙂 Great recap and so cool your Dad is coming out for your race…my Dad has started visiting us when we go on our race travels – sometimes he runs, sometimes he watches but it has been a great way for us to bond and spend time together. Your training looks great and don’t feel bad about your June volume, when you see my summary last month, you’r mileage will look great! Btw my wife is from Az and we flew back for my first ever full at the Tucson marathon in 2012!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol, I can see us both in December hurriedly finishing off Sept-Nov’s monthly recaps 🙂 I didn’t realize your wife was from AZ! That’s so cool that Tucson was your first ever full – did you ever think you’d be on your 9th marathon just 4 years later?!

      Liked by 1 person

      • absolutely, i slip further behind that monthly summary every month!! at least when I see yours in the reader, I know I gotta get it done 🙂 I know, on the marathons…no way…I thought one and done, and now next up is an ultra/endurance race in August!!


  4. Great job this week!! Speedy long run as well! I should listed to Matt Fitzgerald’s recent interview as well- that’s another podcast I love! My training has not been as great as yours, the heat has been tough and it’s been a busy week!


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