Baystate Marathon: Training Week 3

Looking over my training for the week the thing that sticks out the most to me is how much I veered from my planned runs for the week! Only the Recovery and Easy miles went according to plan. Despite not sticking to my training plan, it felt like a solid week of training, though I admit to feeling like I need to get some faster paced long runs in to feel like my marathon goals are achievable!

Monday: Plan: Recovery 5M – Actual: 5M @9:22 – An easy run on the treadmill. I was worried that I was going to feel really tired after a big (for me) week last week. Taking Sunday off helped and I felt pretty rested for this.

Tuesday: Plan: 1200 in @7:13, 1000 @7:06, 800 in @6:56, 600 in @6:53, 400 in @6:38 (2:00 RI all) – Actual: 1.5M w/u, 1200m @7:13, 2x800m @6:54, 3x400m @6:45 (2 min RI), 1M c/d – Since I ran these on the treadmill I decided to skip the 1000m & 600m since it was easier for me to keep track of mileage by adding .75, .5 or .25 rather than .62 or . 37. I have terrible mental math skills, let alone while running, so I figured this was the safer option. My mental math was strong enough to realize by doubling up on the 800 and 400 instead I was still short 400m worth of speed work so I added in an extra 400m at the end. My 400’s were slower than the plan called for, but 6:38 pace sounded really intimidating to me to try on the treadmill. Whenever I’m running fast all I can picture is my feet getting tangled together and going down, face first, on a speeding treadmill

Wednesday: Plan: Easy 6 – Actual: 6M @9:14

Thursday: 1M E, 5M @7:53, 1M E – Actual: 7M @8:42 – Before deciding to follow a slightly modified version of Run Less, Run Faster, I had planned on using the 18/55 Advanced Marathoning plan. The higher weekly milage and focus on Goal Marathon Pace running was really appealing to me, but consistently running 10-12 midweek runs was not. Since I run nearly all of my weekday miles on the treadmill I knew that would be brutal challenging. Plus, I’ve had a lot of success with RLRF and liked the weekly speed and tempo work. So I decided to adopt some of the GMP miles during long runs that Advanced Marathoning calls for into my plan. For my long run this week I planned to run 6 of my 16 miles at GMP so instead of running tempo miles today I kept the milage, but ran at an easy/slightly faster than true easy pace. 

Friday: off

IMG_7320Saturday: Plan: 16M w/6M @GMP – Actual: 13.85M – Up until now I’ve been lucky to run in mostly nice weather. And then came today. Between the heat and 97% humidity to start I was sweating like crazy within the first mile. My plan was to join the same running group from last week on the first 10 of their planned 12 miles, but at mile 10 to veer off and run the last 6 of my planned 16 miler at goal marathon pace. That didn’t happen. I made it a half mile into the last of my 6 and turned to head back. By this time it was full sun and stifling air. I decided to use this as slight step back week instead and will try again next weekend.  We took a few bathroom stops and I ended up pausing my watch during one and forgot to turn it on again once we restarted until my watch buzzed about a half mile later that it was going to auto-save. I don’t normally pause my watch at all when I run on my own – not for red lights, bathroom breaks, water stops, etc – because I figure they don’t stop a race clock if you need to use the port-a-potty. But I did pause my watch for these bathroom breaks since group breaks take a little longer, even though I realize that it’s counter intuitive to the reason why I won’t pause my watch when on my own. So while my pace on my watch said 9:06, I’d say we had a good 5-10 minutes of breaks which really changes my actual pace. After my run I went back and mapped out the whole route so I could figure my overall mileage and I just have to say that it annoys me to no end to have ended at 13.85! If I had known I would have run another .15 to end on a whole number 🙂 


I wanted to jump into this water during my long run!

Sunday: off

Weekly Total: 37.45 miles

What are your thoughts on pausing your watch during training runs? 

Do you have to end your runs on whole numbers or can you have 5.17 mile run and not be bothered by that .17 (I’d have to run to at least .2 or.25 to round it out). 


6 thoughts on “Baystate Marathon: Training Week 3

  1. I do pause my watch for stop lights and bathroom breaks. I get that the clock doesn’t stop at a race but it doesn’t bother me to stop it and it doesn’t make me feel like I wasn’t “true” to my run or whatever. I’ve read some blog posts that bash on people who stop their watches. It’s just not that big a deal to me. Of course, if it was a big time break, I get stopping and restarting is ridiculous, but stop lights, water, and bathroom breaks are whatever.

    I also am HORRIBLE at mental math. I awful at math in general and trying to figure out distances and times while running is impossible, lol. I don’t mind ending in .17 or .35 but if its .75 or higher I need to go to the next mile. At that point, you just gotta right? 🙂

    Great week of running!! We were almost mileage twins ❤


    • Wait, wait, wait – do you map out a route before hand or just sort of wing it? LOL, I HAVE to map out my exact route before so I can end at my planned distance. Ending in a .0 or .5 doesn’t bother me, even a .X5 is okay, but a .17 would be too much for me 😉


  2. I usually pause my watch when stopping during a training run but try not to stop for too long though I am coming around to the idea to just leave it running to match race day. Nothing wrong with modifying your training plan…I tried the 18/55 once and it was the midweek “medium” run that progresses to something like 14-15 miles that I really struggled with. I think you are smart to adjust to combination of workouts tailored to what works best for you…everyone is different and there is really is no one size fits all when it comes to marathon training. I have a crazy mix I’m putting together for my next one. And, finally, number rounding I had to laugh…omg, I always had to end at a complete mile, or at the very worse case a 0.5…I’m getting better now and can handle odd roundings, though, if I’m in the 0.9’s I gotta keep going…I’m not fully healed yet 🙂


    • Yeah – 14-15 miles in the middle of the week is just not going to happen for me. I’m excited to see what you come up with for your next training plan. I totally agree that every one has what type of plan & mix of running works for them and I love to see what other people do!
      Oh my gosh, I would never be able to stop at a .9!


    • Yeah – 14 or 15 mile mid week runs are just not going to happen for me. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your next training plan! I totally agree that everyone has plan & running mix that works best for them and love to see what people do.

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  3. I don’t press pause. I haven’t gotten to a distance yet, where I’ve actually had to stop for a bathroom break. But If for whatever reason I have to stop, I let the clock keep ticking. I know I’m going to have to stop during my half marathon as well. I don’t see it as “affecting” my time, rather being part of it. Kind of.

    Right now I have my distances set up for me in my running app, so no, I do not care if my run ends at.09 (which some of them do, lol) I just stop when I’m finished. But this is surprising because I do have some OCD tendencies when it comes to numbers like this, and it used to bother me a lot.

    Sounds like you had a great week! Well done so far!


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