Race Goals & Baystate Marathon: Training Week 4


In between bookended heat waves we had a beautiful summer day and took advantage, visiting this amazing farm.

With this week done I’m 25% of the way through marathon training. ūüė≥¬†That feels a bit scary. Even though each day or week of training seems daunting and long, when I think about where I want to be for race day I feel like I need more time. Both¬†the¬†McMillan Running Calculator¬†and Run Less, Run Faster’s Race Prediction chart put a 3:35 and change marathon as possibility based on my recent half marathon performance. I’m not ready to say that that’s where I’ll be or what my goal will be come October, but I am going to use that as my goal to determine my training paces.

Week 4 Recap: July 18 – 24

Monday: Plan: 4M Recovery – Actual: 4M @9:34

IMG_7432Tuesday: Plan:¬†5×1000 @6:45-7:06 pace¬†(400 RI) – Actual:¬†1.3M w/u, 5x1000m @7:08 (2 min RI) 1.2M c/d –¬†I didn’t check my plan before my run and thought the recovery was timed instead of a distance.¬†Whoops! I was also slightly outside my pace range. One thing I’ve noticed on my gym treadmills is that my actual pace always ends up 1 or 2 seconds slower than what it says I’m running at. I wouldn’t say these felt easy, but I definitely felt like I was ready to move down¬†in the pace range and still be able to complete all of them.¬†

Wednesday: Plan: Easy 6 РActual: 5M @9:15

Thursday: ¬†Plan:¬†1M E, 4M @7:38, 1M E – Actual:¬†1M w/u @8:47, 4M (7:37, 7:37, 7:38, 8:00), 1M c/d @8:50 –¬†I feel like I really struggle with the mental part of running hard paces on the treadmill. After the 3rd tempo mile I was ready to be done, but instead of totally quitting I dialed back the pace. Somewhat of a win.¬†


Friday: off

Saturday:¬†Like a lot of the midwest and eastern part of the U.S.¬†we’ve been hit by a hot and humid heat wave. Last week’s humidity got the best of me and I ended up not doing my Goal Marathon Pace miles at the end of my long run and I wanted to re-attempt them this week. Sunday was forecast to be 5-10 degrees cooler and slightly less humid early on so I moved my run.

Sunday:¬†Plan: 15M @8:57 – Actual: 15M @8:52 with the last 5 at GMP ¬†Splits:¬†(9:04, 9:09, 8:30, 10:40, 10:28, 8:38, 8:40, 8:16, 9:25, 8:26, 8:04, 8:11, 8:05, 8:16, 7:54)-¬†I met up with 3 of the same runners I’ve run with the past 2 weeks. They were planning a 5:15am start time in order to beat the brunt of the heat. This meant a 4am wake up for me which was something of a small miracle. I don’t think I’ve seen 4am since the newborn days of my youngest and about 10 minutes after getting up I started thinking this had been a bad decision!¬†Luckily my coffee started to kick in and I was greeted with this beautiful moon and sunrise:

They had planned a route through a few different trails I’d never been on. There’s only 1 trail I’ve run on routinely and it’s pretty rocky and rooted, which I don’t love. These trails were almost totally smooth and the scenic views and lack of traffic were huge plusses. The good company, and the fact that I had NO idea where we were at any point, really helped the time pass quickly.

We were even greeted with a majestic deer in a field off of a trail. The picture clearly doesn’t do him justice, but he was so beautiful grazing in the field and then staring back at us as we all admired him.¬†


The¬†actual running part of my run was okay. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s ramping up my weekly mileage, but I feel like my long runs have felt much harder than I’d expect. ¬†After splitting off from the rest of the group after 10 miles I was determined to attempt my GMP miles again. They were hard, as I would expect GMP miles to be at the end of a long run, but I didn’t feel like I was dying or couldn’t complete them. Hurray! It was a great way to end the run and the week. And the best part was that I was DONE with my long run by 7:45!! Even though waking up at 4am was painful, being able to be done and have the whole entire day ahead of me was really nice.¬†


Weekly Total: 36 miles

Are you an early morning riser?
Do you prefer roads or trails or a combo?


10 thoughts on “Race Goals & Baystate Marathon: Training Week 4

  1. Summer marathon training here in Arizona forces you to be an early morning runner, lol! I’ve always been a suuuuper grumpy early morning person but kids and running have changed that. I actually like the earlier the better now, LOL!!!

    Great long run and I’m excited about your goal!! Can’t wait for October!!


    • Oh my gosh, I thought of you during my long runs this week. It had to be 30 degrees cooler here than in AZ and I was sweating like crazy! You are amazing that you run in the heat you do and at the paces you do!! Lol, I can definitely see starting to prefer the early start times. It was like a whole new world to have the entire day after my run.


  2. I love getting out on my long runs early so that I still have there rest of the day. I used to sleep in a bit years ago, but I quickly realized getting home at 11 from my run was not for me! I’d much rather get in early and take a nap than get in and have half of the day gone. Great work this week!


  3. One thing I miss about training for something and having to run early and long is the sunrise and enjoying the serenity. It’s so beautiful (once you’re awake and not miserable that is!)


  4. I’d love to claim i’m a morning runner but i’m really not…about the only time you’ll see me at 4am is when a race start calls and i’m usually muttering something unmentionable like what was i thinking!! – something has happened a bit too frequently this year. For the Maui marathon we had to be up at 2:00am!! my work schedule only allows for evening runs during the week and i just cant make the transition that well at the weekend, though i will try this week as we’ll be into the 80’s by Sunday and i supposedly have a 4 hour training run on deck…another great week for you though, that pace on the 15 mile run is awesome, those GMP miles are so tough at the end of the long run…great job!


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