July Wrap Up & Baystate Marathon: Training Week 5


You know when you’re chugging along, feeling like things are going well, and then at the last moment things fall apart and it totally brings down the success you felt before? That’s pretty much how my July running ended. I hit my highest mileage month ever and was feeling good, not great, but good about my marathon training when I had my worst run in over a year. Friday night I was debating between a 16M or 18M long run (which seems laughable now!) and come Saturday morning I wanted to call it quits by mile 4. By mile 5 I had already decided that there was no chance I could do the full 16 miles I had set out to do and I hoped to get to 10. It was just.so.hard. It was a bit humid out, but cooler than it has been so while the humidity didn’t help, I don’t know that it was the cause for my crash and burn run. Even after limping it in I was soooooo tired for the rest of the day and could barely muster up any energy.

But before my disastrous run we had a great week! My husband and I celebrated our 9th anniversary and had a fun date night out. My mother-in-law came to stay with our girls and we had an INCREDIBLE dinner at Farmstead Table which any local people should definitely check out. My husband is vegetarian and I also eat a mostly vegetarian diet which can sometimes be tricky when eating out. Farmstead Table had a huge selection of vegetarian options as appetizers and small plates. We ordered nearly every one of them and had a tapas style dinner.


This month I ran 161.1 miles which is huge for me! It was also 70 miles more than I ran in June which may have been part of my body deciding it needed some major rest on Saturday. Other than my bad run I’ve (knock on wood!) felt good and haven’t felt any IT band twinges. While I don’t write about it, I am still diligently doing my MYRTLs every single day to help keep my hips strong and keep ITBS as a non-issue. Here’s how my week looked:

Week 5 Recap: July 25-31

Monday: Plan: Recovery 5M – Actual: 5M @9:32

Tuesday: Plan: 3×1600 @6:51-7:15 (400 RI) – Actual: 1.25M w/u @8:53, 3×1600 (7:13, 7:13,7:19) w/2:30 RI, 1.15M c/d @8:53 – My husband didn’t have to leave for work until a little later in the morning so originally I planned to get up early and run these outside. We’re still in the midst of an extended heat wave so it was already hot in the early a.m. and I didn’t sleep well so I ended up sleeping longer and doing these at the gym. The first two were manageable, but the last one I had to really work for. I wanted to quit about .25M into the last one and ended up slowing down for the back half of it. About a month ago I ran the same workout with the repeats at 7:19, 7:19, 7:27 (it’s always that last one gets me!) for an average of 7:21 and this time I averaged 7:15 so at least there was some improvement. I just checked my plan and I don’t run this workout again until September. I’m excited to see where I am in 2 months. 

Wednesday: off

Thursday: Plan: 2M E, 3M @7:23, 2M E – Actual: 2M @8:50, 3m @7:33 (7:31, 7:30, 7:40), 2M @8:56 – Since 7:23 is my 5k PR pace there was no way I was attempting that pace as tempo miles sandwiched between 4 other miles in the middle of a training week. I was hoping 7:30 pace would be more realistic, but as you can see I couldn’t hold it for the 3rd tempo mile. 

Friday: Plan: 6M Easy – Actual: 5M @9:05 – These were run faster than I wanted, but I was in a bit of a time crunch and wanted to get in as many of my planned miles as I could. This may have been a mistake and next time I will take it easier on my easy days. 


Saturday: Plan: 16M – Actual: 10.6M @9:08 – The terrible, no good, very bad run. I was huffing and puffing after the first mile. It’s was up a pretty steep hill so I still held hope that I’d settle in, but by mile 4 I was wondering if I should just call it quits. I knew there was no other time to re-attempt it with our weekend plans so I tried to pull it together. Took a few Honey Stinger Chews at mile 5 hoping for some quick energy, but it never came.  I had to work for every single step. My only surge came at mile 10 when the for the 2nd time of my run a truck of men honked at me as they drove past. It seriously pissed me off and gave me a surge of adrenaline as I thought of all the choice words I wanted to shout at them. Splits: 1) 9:25 2) 9:01 3) 8:50 4) 8:46 5) 9:06 6) 9:15 7) 9:28 8) 9:18 9) 8:50 10) 8:28 .6) 8:50


Weekly Total: 33 miles

What helps you get over a bad run?


7 thoughts on “July Wrap Up & Baystate Marathon: Training Week 5

  1. Oh wow, after the first couple sentences I was bracing myself for something a lot worse than a bad run. Whew!

    I think when we use PRs to judge training paces we need to consider how up to date that PR is. Your 5k PR pace is only 25 sec slower than your half pace so I would think you’re capable of running a better time at that distance now. Don’t sell yourself short. But yes, if something feels too hard, back off. The work you’re doing will catch up with you eventually and then paces will get easier.

    Happy anniversary!!!!


    • Ha! I guess it did sound very dramatic 🙂
      As always, I appreciate your feedback. So glad you are back from your social media break! Yeah, I definitely see a fast pace and immediately think that I can’t do it. Running outside helps because then I’m just running what I can vs. on a treadmill where I choose and see the pace every moment.
      Thanks for the anniversary well wishes!


  2. hey…it’s only Aug 3 and you’re posting last month’s review already, come on now, I figured I had at least another week to 10 days!! sounds like a bit of a rough run to finish the month but the important thing is to not let that tarnish an otherwise stellar few weeks…to set a new all time high for mileage as your pace continues to speed up is awesome. Those “bad” runs seem to creep up on all of us once in a while and there aren’t any really good explanations. I remember targeting a 16 mile run a couple months ago and feeling exhausted at 8 miles with my heart rate out of control – well it seemed that way, could have been stress, the sun, hydration, who knows. I think just try to let it go is about the only advice I could offer…I find that my next long run after a bad one often totally kicks-ass. The only other thing that might be a factor is your ongoing pace improvement means you are picking up the midweek runs and running them even faster – every once in a while you might throw in a super easy run…don’t be scared to run at 9:45 or even 10:00…i know easier said than done but since I’ve accepted a slow run once in a while, I think my overall training quality has improved. It’s a crazy science at times! And, congrats to you and hubby on your anniversary – we turned 16 this year!! Great way to finish your rockin’ month!


    • LOL, can you believe it? I was so proud of myself for actually getting it done in a timely manner. Sorry to put the pressure on! 😉 Thank you for the advice – that’s exactly how I felt on my run too. I do try to keep my easy runs easy, but took it even slower than normal on my recovery run yesterday. Thank you for the anniversary wishes. Wow – 16 years is awesome! It’s amazing how fast it all goes. Thanks again, James!

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  3. The end of July (and honestly the beginning of August now) has brought me a lot of struggle. Not only am I in the mid-section of training, I think the heat and humidity are really taking a lot out of me. Some days I feel like I’m slogging along and some days my legs want to go faster than my heart rate does and it feels a little frustrating. I had a cut back week last Saturday so my run was shorter than the weekend before, but it felt longer and harder and my brain just wasn’t in it. All I wanted to do the rest of the day was lay around (which I did). Hang in there!


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