September Wrap Up & Marathon Training: Week 14


Only 2 weeks until race day! (Well really less now, since it has taken me so long to get this post together.) The highlight of the month was definitely my last 20 miler. Besides raising money for cancer care and research, it ended up being a  strong run and confidence booster. It was a great mental reminder that even if I don’t feel great early on, I can still get through a run and may even feel better as the miles go on. It felt like my tempo runs and speed work also fell into place this month – hallelujah! During half marathon training I felt like I struggled with speed and tempos, but nailed my long runs while this cycle feels opposite to that. I’m not sure exactly where that leaves me for my marathon goals and will have to think about what my race plan will be.

Weekly Training: September 26 – October 2

Monday: Plan: Recovery 6M – Actual: Recovery 4M @10:02 – Looking back, I think it was a mistake to run, even at recovery pace, the day after my 20 miler. I usually take a rest day after long runs and this works well for me. I took it very easy, but think I could have benefited more from a full rest day.

Tuesday: Feeling tired from the previous 2 days of running I decided to move my speed work to Wednesday. 

Wednesday: Plan: 8×800 at 6:34-7:15 pace (90 sec RI) – Actual: 1.25Mw/u, 8x800m @6:59(3:30) pace, 3-3:30 RI, .75 c/d – Run Less Run Faster has in the plan to run these at 6:34 pace with 90 second RI. 😳 Given that the famous Yasso 800s call for a rest interval equal to the time of the speed interval I decided to go with that instead. I also walked the RI instead of jogging them since I didn’t want to add more mileage, even easy mileage, to my taper week. Writing this all out makes me feel like I maybe made too many changes to this workout!


Thursday: 4M @9:42

Friday: Plan: 1M E, 5M @7:38, 1M E – Actual: 1M w/u, 2M @tempo(7:41, 8:00), 1M easy, (2M @tempo(8:07, 8:07), 1M c/d – Just wasn’t feeling this one. My legs felt tired, my breathing felt heavy, and it was all around hard. After my first tempo mile I slowed the pace, hoping this would help, it didn’t feel any slower. At that point I decided to take an easy mile break and do only 2 more (slower still) tempo miles.

Saturday: off

Sunday: Plan: 13M @8:12 – Actual: 13M @8:17 – Okay, so the paces weren’t that far off, but the effort level for this run was way too hard. My plan was to warm up for a mile and then work towards 8:12 pace for last 12 miles. I was struggling to get to these paces and decided after 8 miles of this that the effort wasn’t worth it. My fitness wasn’t going to improve any more before my race so I wasn’t going to get any benefits from forcing the pace. Surprisingly, this bad run didn’t bother me. Before my first marathon I had an amazing 12 mile run at 8:18 pace where I felt like I was effortlessly flying through the roads. Exactly how you want to feel the first half of a marathon, like your forcing yourself to hold back, except come marathon day not a single mile felt effortless. So I took this bad run as a good sign that the fresh, rested feeling will come on marathon day instead 🙂


Weekly Total: 34 Miles

Anyone running Chicago this weekend? 


4 thoughts on “September Wrap Up & Marathon Training: Week 14

    • I can’t either! Ahhh! Seeing so many people heading to Chicago this weekend is getting me excited for it. At this point I’m ready to get out there and see what happens!


  1. Great summary and it’s only Oct 6…I almost called you out in my last post figuring I would have at least another week before the monthly summary is “due!!” Great summary Katrina…your pace is amazing, that is a great 13 mile run…I was nowhere near that on my last HM race, wish I could get back there, maybe next year. 6:44 intervals sound insanely tough…I use the Yassos as well and need every second of the recovery between intervals. Enjoy the rest of taper time and super excited to hear about the marathon. And, Chicago last year was my best race ever!


    • Ha! Sorry to put the pressure on 🙂 You will definitely get back – it’s hard to focus on speed when you’re running marathon after marathon! Since Chicago last year you’ve run a half, 4 (or 5?) marathons, and ultra and I think a few more that I’m forgetting – I’ve done a 5k and a half this year. Big difference! Yeah, I couldn’t imagine having done those intervals with only 90 seconds of rest. Although to be clear, I did NOT run at 6:34 or 6:44 pace. I modified that to 6:59 too. The whole workout just sounded ridiculous for me 🙂


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