Post-Marathon Funk


Well hello there. Anyone still here? Despite my best intentions to keep this blog going following a race, I always end up slipping away from blogging. But, with only 6 days left to sneak in a November recap I realized it was time to buckle down and blog. After running the Baystate Marathon and reaching my goal, I admit to feeling a bit lost with what to do next. Running is very much a goal oriented hobby for me. That’s just what is enticing to me about it, and since Baystate I haven’t been able to latch on to a motivating running goal. There have been a few ideas – PR’ing in the half, PR’ing in a full, finding a difficult/scenic/interesting/something course, running a 50k, etc – but none have really taken root. So while nothing has been getting my running mojo going, Helly has been SMASHING every PR around! She had a spectacular sub-4 performance at the NYC Marathon and then followed it up with a new 5k and half marathon PR! If you want to be inspired and motivated do yourself a favor and check her out.

The one thing that does get me off the couch and onto the road (or most likely, treadmill) is I am thisclose to hitting 1,500 miles for the year! So while I have actually been running, it’s certainly hasn’t been any type of running to write home, or on a blog, about. The majority of my running has been 5 mile, easy paced treadmill runs while I try to, unsuccessfully, zone out and not countdown the 45-ish minutes this takes. To help break up the monotony I’ve tried to add back in some Tuesday speed work and Thursday tempos. This usually equates to 400m-800m repeats at slower than 5k pace and 1.5-3 miles at marathon pace.

The one real running accomplishment since I last blogged was running a Thanksgiving day 5k. It’s the same race I ran last year and again I loved how easy it is to get to, to park, and getting to run on completely closed roads. The donuts and hot chocolate at the end are also a major perk. My running blah’s were in full effect that morning and instead of running there to warm up as I had planned, I ended up driving and doing a shorter warm up when I arrived. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to try to run fast or easy so I ended up lining up about half way back. After about the first mile, which I spent desperately trying to get around large groups of walkers, I realized I’m too competitive to just run for fun and started to put some effort. I ended up finishing in 23:06 (7:26 pace) which is just 9 seconds off my 5k PR. I was pleasantly surprised to see I was still able to pick up the pace after mostly foregoing any speed work since October.

So now it’s time to start thinking about 2017 goals. After the New Year I hope to find a race, find a goal, and set up a training plan. And, of course, to start blogging again!

Happy Holidays!


2 thoughts on “Post-Marathon Funk

  1. You made it…the monthly review!! I’m still behind and just 5 days left…maybe I’ll post November and December on back-to-back days 🙂 I’ve struggled since my last marathon as well. After a huge year in race volume, with nothing on the horizon, it was easy to tell myself I earned a break. I had set a goal of 1,500 miles for the year but with 5 days left in the year, I only need 289 miles! I did notice though, I’m within 70k of 2000km, so I’ve converted to metric for the final week of the year. Great job finding a way to keep going. Look forward to seeing what you come up with for 2017…have a great final week of the running year!!


  2. You are so sweet!!!

    I know a little bit about how you feel. After NYC, I’ve been wondering what I want to try for next you, I’m very goal oriented. BUT, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment as I’d really like to BQ (eeeeep!!!) –it just seems like a REALLY big goal and one that despite making big improvements this year, still feels far away.

    You have been my inspiration though. I have LOVED following your journey and you really give me hope that I can make it to Boston someday. I only wish I could do it before September so I can meet you there, LOL!!!!

    Thank you for always being so kind ❤


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